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Harvard University
Pizzeria Uno
Bass Rocks Golf Clug

This page will feature case studies to provide an idea of the kinds of service you can expect from Pedersen Electrical Services. Of course, the names will be pseudonyms and at times different cases will be combined to clarify the service. Select the logo above to read more.


Harvard UniversitySome jobs require more for more precision than others. The work we do at Pedersen Electric Services can be very exacting. In 1984, we were hired by Harvard University to renovate the chemical laboratories. The Facilities administrators were so pleased with our work that they have used us for all electrical design, installation, and services for the chemistry department ever since. To this day we have remained a preferred electrical contractor at the Chemistry Department. Safety is always a concern, but with chemicals even more so. Harvard UniversitySo our constant commitment to cleaning our site had to be raised a notch at Harvard. If you have an electrical need where the conditions are critical, call us at
(781) 231-0422
. We welcome the challenge.

No Snow Job

Pizzeria UnoBuffeted by blizzard after blizzard, most of the North Shore and MetroWest was under the weather. More specifically under snow, feet had accumulated, travel was difficult and risky. On a Saturday afternoon, just before the dinner hour, we received a call from Pizzeria Uno in Swampscott. Snow had slid off the roof and took down their awnings and lighting fixtures in the front of the restaurant. We had two men on site in under an hour. Not knowing what we would encounter, we sent our bucket truck and van.

Uno Lighting JobFirst we were able to disconnect and remove the damaged fixtures and disconnect the electrical connection to the awning that was hanging off the building. Then we inspected the rest of the building, clearing snow and ice (not generally the duty of an electrician) away from the remaining fixtures in an effort to prevent a recurrence. We assessed the analyzed the problem, assessed the situation and contacted the corporate facilities manager to offer our recommendations.

All this was done safely while the restaurant was open, customers walking in and out. There was no interruption of business. Of course, snow removal is above and beyond electrical work, but clearing the snow and ice from the roof was part of that.

Bass Rocks Golf Club

Bass Rocks Golf ClubEssentially our task was to build out 22,000 sq ft with a state-of-the-art electrical design that was as beautiful and functional as this first class oceanfront property. The facility was brand new so we didn’t have to contend with old or inefficient design or installation “ allowing us complete the installation with no obstacles to quality. Bass Rocks Golf ClubThe owners and guests of this Gloucester landmark appreciate the success of the installation.

If you have an electrical need where the conditions are critical, call us at
(781) 231-0422
. We welcome the challenge.

  • In addition to our numerous residential customers, here are some examples of our commercial and institutional work.

    Uno Chicago Grill
    Long Horn Steak House
    Capital Grille
    Lonza Biologics
    Harvard University
    Scrub-a-Dub Car Wash
    Town Fair Tire

    Sample Completed Projects
    Bass Rocks Golf Club
    Harvard University, Schreiber Labs
    Jacobsen Lab Renovation
    Boda Borg
    Harvard University- Aspuru-Guzik lab
    Harvard University, Naito B-04 Mass Spec Lab

    Current Projects
    Comella's Restaurant, Bedford
    Idle Hands Brewery, Malden


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